Internet Access

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You want your Internet connection to be fast. You don't want to wait while files, photos, movies and music download or upload. You know that sending and receiving big files quickly can save you precious time and money.

DNS name & registration


Domain Names are an important requirement for businesses. They reflect the brand and trading identity of a business and are now a critical piece of any organization’s intellectual property.

Servers collation & hosting


Collocation is a service in which we will connect a server that you own to the internet. This means that if you have your own server on the Internet, you do not have to pay continuously a connection to the Internet.

VPN Networking

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A VPN supplies network connectivity over a possibly long physical distance. In this respect, a VPN is a form of Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs enable file sharing, video conferencing and similar network services.

MPLS Solutions


Telecommunications service providers and large enterprises must continuously explore avenues to accommodate the dramatic growth in network traffic and the number of users.

Cloud Computing


Data storage and software programs are no longer located on your own computers but “in the cloud” – an IT infrastructure which is available worldwide over the Internet.

IP Telephony

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We offer you best quality solutions through knowledge, expirience and partnership.

Software Solutions


We offer a wide range services, with high quality and support.

IT Outsourcing & Training


Do you wish you had a phone number that you could dial each time you need help with a piece of software or hardware you just bought?

Going beyond the current standards

Telesistemi Ltd is a young and perspective company operating in Central and South-Eastern Europe. We are focused on aligning organizations with the requirements and needs of their clients by offering complete solutions in information technology (IT) and telecommunication solutions.

We promote business effectiveness and efficiency while striving towards innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. Cooperating with our partners ensures us that we offer first grade professional solutions and enables us to build highly integrated system of networks into a wholesome information and telecommunication infrastructure.